About Us

Stuffy Care is Hyderabad-based Organization that is created to make pet parenting simpler. It is a platform where Pet owners can manager there pet's need including Food , accessories , Grooming and vaccination in single click. . We understands that with commitments at work, time out with friends and family, full time attention to our pets are usually not a possibility monthly foods , vaccines, supplement to your door step. So whether you are having late nights at work, out on a holiday or simply need a break and need pet sitting, in home boarding, daycare,sitting, walking or even pet grooming.

Our Mission

Stuffy care is made possible by our selection of veterinarians and other highly qualified pet experts which gives you all services that your dog needs.

Our Vision

Whether you need a pet walker for the day or pet boarding for a month, or need food for his/ her daily  needs, or need a shampoo and an expert to take him for a bath ,there's a Stuffy care  who's the perfect match for your pets, and your lifestyle.