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Why become a stuffycare Pet Providers?

Flexibility and Freedom

This is your life and control is in your hands! Set your own prices, choose services you offer for which animals, organise your own schedule and work as much or little as you like.

Safety and Security

Stuffycare provides secure online payments. Say goodbye to awkward cash exchanges!

Never Alone

At Stuffycare we have a dedicated local customer excellence team, which means you will never be alone. We’ll always be here to answer questions, provide tips for better performance and in case of emergency.

How it Works

1. Create a Free Profile

Put your heart into your profile and tell potential customers your personal story. Pet parents just want to know that their fur babies will be looked after by loving and responsible animal lovers!

2. Add Photos and Testimonials

Clear photos make you more approachable and testimonials from friends provide social proof. Both of them increase the trustworthiness of your profile to make potential clients feel safe.

3. Organise Your Calendar

Organise your calendar and choose the days you want to work. You will always have the option of approving each individual booking enquiry that comes to you.

4. Kickstart Your Business

We take care of the boring stuff so you can focus on more playtime! That’s why our 40% service fee covers emergency customer support, secure online payments and public liability insurance.